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Excellent animation, Cool Style

I like the slick presentation this has. Everything flows as smooth as butter and the character models really shine. The material is hilarious. My only complaint is the length. But then, that's not a problem.

How did you do that??????

how did you get those images to look nice? in my motion guide tutorial the images all look like utter crap. please PM me.

The best clock flash i have ever seen

Great work. Good humor i laughed. this is the greatest clock submission of all time. It makes me want to join Clock Crew.
its going on my favorites

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Heya Porter!

Good Work. I see you put some time and thought into designing the levels. The background animations are great and it's awesome to know they're made completely with code.

Matt-Porter responds:

Thanks a ton, I forgot to mention that 99% of the animation was coded, I should go do that now, because it is pretty awesome. Thanks for the review man :)

Could have used a bit more Animation.

The game was well done in that it's fun to play for awhile, and there aren't any glaring "bugs", (:p) but it would have been nice to see those creepy crawlies moving their little legs around and getting squished. Overall, nice job. I'd love to know how much you end up making from mochiads off this, so if you could PM me sometime that would be awesome. :D

Good Work!

JYoung007 responds:

Thanks for the review and I will let you know. And I will work on the moving legs.

Well done remake!

you stuck to the original theme of pixelated art well. good job! the slick blood animations really added to the presentation. My suggestion to you is to add weapons and power - ups for even more bike based carnage.

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i hate both you and your voice

your singing is sucks harder than you mom last night!

yes inglor! omfg yes!

Inglor is teh_pwnage

The Best Techno Ever Made

I luv this song. I put it on a cd and i listen to it 24/7 U are awesome. This song kicks butt!

Dimrain47 responds:


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Excellent, as someone who is not an art critic, I can't really say much more than that. This just looks completely badass. :)
Nice Job!

Stobak responds:


Constantly Improving.

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